Flow Toimintaterapia Uusi Oy is serving you in innovative occupational therapy services and educational services for groups, associations and companies. 

We serve you with high quality occupational therapy sensorimotor methods such as sensorimotor psychotherapy methods (1-level, trauma treatment) supporting connection with mind and body. Rich Finnish nature is giving various possibilities for green care and animal assisted therapy.

Rehabilitation services are located in cosy and family friendly Green House located in western Tampere, Ikuri with fluent bus and motorway connections. Parking is free of charge. We serve you with high quality sensorimotor psychotherapy methods supporting connection with mind and body, green care and animal assisted therapy such as art therapy methods. 

Nature enviroment also provides our speciality: adventure therapy. Flow experience is the mental state emerged in acitivity where person is both having right inspiring challenge and deep focus, fully involvement, and flow of acivity and mind is bringing great joy such as experience of new of itself. 

Toimintaterapia Flow has deep roots that are bringing forth fresh growth. Do you want to strengthen you in teamwork or family, in nonverbal, interactional, emotional skills? Do you want to be more present, in touch with your mind and body? Do you want to have more skills in balancing your life or find new resources in creativity? Our educational services are serving you to increase quality of life, well being and teamwork. 

Contact for more details: 

Toimintaterapia Flow

Ikurintie 56, 33340 Tampere

Saija Taponen, 

eMBA, CEO, Occupational therapist

Sensorimotor psychotherapy method: levels 1 ja 2

Adventure therapist

e-mail: terapiaflow(at)gmail.com

Phone: +35850501801

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